There are a ton of articles, posts and discussions on what makes a perfect home setup. The answer is simple.

My current home desk in London.

Whatever works for you and makes you productive is the best home setup. However, for this, you need to know yourself.

The Desk

I have a simple bamboo desk from IKEA with a small yet decent size (102x49cm) that has been my best friend in the last 6 months (ikea link).

I went for the wooden finish as it gives a nice touch and colour to my quite white-ish room. …

7 things to keep in mind when switching from Java to Go

Photo by Patrick Ward on Unsplash

1. Setup is simple; the language is even simpler

Initially, setting up was a bit more programatic as things were not flashed out with the Go package manager (modules). But now, you simply download the Go installer and this will automatically set all required environment variables for you.

Installation steps here.

For the famous Hello World, in an empty directory, create a hello.go file and write the following code:

package mainimport "fmt"func main() {
fmt.Println("Hello, World!")

You run it by simply running go run hello.go in the terminal.

As you may have noticed, you don’t need semi-colons, naming is simple and suggestive, lower case are used…

I’ve been a regular at tech related MeetUps for the past few years, and here are some things I’ve learnt over time:

  1. ⏰ Be early. After all the talks and demos, there will be a networking session. My advice is to reach the venue early and make sure you start chatting to either some of the attendees or presenters. This will get you in the mood for socialising with people and you won’t feel awkward when the official networking sessions starts and people are already chatting in groups. There might also be food, drinks and swag available. …

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