There are a ton of articles, posts and discussions on what makes a perfect home setup. The answer is simple.

My current home desk in London.

Whatever works for you and makes you productive is the best home setup. However, for this, you need to know yourself.

The Desk

I went for the wooden finish as it gives a nice touch and colour to my quite white-ish room. Bamboo is also a durable, sustainable and renewable material, so even more the better.

On The Desk

  • a plant to keep me company throughout the day — better than a rubber duck.
  • 27" 4k 60Hz display — good for coding, gaming, photo editing; anything, really + a quality camera to give a face to the name in meetings and catch-ups.
  • Apple keyboard and touchpad.
  • phone stand and charger.
  • my laptop + stand — I like focusing on one thing at a time and also having multiple screen can cause RSI.
  • my wireless headphones — good for keeping the mood up with my favourite music, excellent and comfortable for long wear.

In The Desk

  • mid drawer: pens, pencils, markers, paper clips.
  • right drawer: various adapters & cables for my laptop, phone and headphones

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